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Our Leaders

Our leadership team has more than a century of collective experience in the preservation industry. This extensive knowledge base, coupled with MSL’s agility as a small business, means that MSL has the maturity and flexibility to quickly adjust to changes in the industry landscape as needed so we can always fulfill our customers’ needs reliably.

Lee Murphy


Mr. Lee Murphy is a 1978 graduate of Bowling Green State University. After graduation, he immediately began working for MP Industries based out of Baltimore, Maryland, which was one of the preeminent marine and industrial preservation companies on the east coast.

For fourteen years he served in various roles culminating in 1988 as the Marine Operations Manager. In 1992, Mr. Murphy left MP Industries to co-found United Coatings based out of Portsmouth, Virginia; which became one of the top providers of preservation services to the US Navy. In April of 2012, Mr. Murphy formed MARCOM Services LLC to provide the industry with an experienced “small business” option capable of providing a wide range of surface preparation and coating services.

George Murphy

Executive Vice President

George serves as the Executive Vice President of MARCOM, where he leads the overall operations and strategy of the company. George holds a BA in Business and Economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.

George began his career in the Ship Repair Industry at Earl Industries, where he worked in production, quality assurance, cost estimating, and project management. George worked for General Dynamics NASSCO as a Program Manager following the acquisition of Earl Industries. In this role at General Dynamics, George achieved success negotiating contracts, initiating process improvements, and leading one of the largest Coatings divisions in the country.

In 2015, George was excited to join the team at MARCOM, a small family business. He has used his experience at one of the country’s largest shipyards to optimize MARCOM’s market fit as a small business provider and help drive exponential growth.

Outside of work, George enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, and goldendoodle.

Stuart Vest

Vice President of Production

Stuart Vest currently serves as the Vice President of Production at MARCOM, where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of waterfront operations and production. He leads all project superintendents, foreman, supervisors, and craftworkers, ensuring efficient coordination and execution of projects.

Stuart has over 15 years in the ship repair and coatings industry, beginning his career at United Coatings and Earl Industries, where he gained valuable experience. He later worked as a Project Superintendent at General Dynamics NASSCO, further solidifying his expertise in overseeing large-scale projects.

Prior to his involvement in the ship repair industry, Stuart owned a construction business, which provided him with valuable insights into managing and coordinating large crews and integrating competing work activities.

Joining MARCOM in 2016, Stuart has made significant contributions to the company’s growth, effectively managing operations during a period of rapid expansion. His leadership skills and experience have been instrumental in ensuring operational efficiency and success.

Kevin O’Connell

Vice President of Programs and Contracts

Kevin O’Connell currently holds the position of Vice President of Programs and Contracts at MARCOM, where he oversees business operations, including estimating, project management, and contracts. With a career spanning over 25 years in the marine preservation industry, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Throughout his career, Kevin has held leadership positions in some of the largest preservation companies and shipyards in the country. Having started in the maintenance department, Kevin has worked his way up through the industry, gaining valuable experience at every level. From working as a Superintendent and Project Manager, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the marine preservation field.

Kevin joined MARCOM in 2018, and his exceptional leadership skills and contractual expertise have played a pivotal role in driving profitability for the company. His ability to navigate complex contracts and optimize program operations has contributed significantly to MARCOM’s success.

R. Eric Strickland

Vice President of Compliance

Eric Strickland holds the position of Vice President of Compliance at MARCOM, where he oversees the Quality Assurance (QA) Department and the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Department.

As a proud United States Veteran, Eric dedicated twenty years of service to our country before retiring. After his service in the Navy, he spent time in the commercial diving industry before joining the ship repair industry as a safety and production manager.

Joining MARCOM in 2017, Eric has played a vital role in the organization’s commitment to safety and quality. He successfully leads MARCOM’s mission to create a safe working environment and deliver the highest quality products to customers.

Matthew Key-Baldwin

Program Manager for New Construction

Matthew Key-Baldwin holds the role of Program Manager for New Construction at MARCOM, where he oversees the company’s program dedicated to preserving large mechanical structures in support of Aircraft Carrier and Submarine construction.

Matthew began his career as a student at the Newport News Apprentice School, where he laid the foundation for his knowledge. Initially working as a sandblaster, he gained practical experience in preservation techniques. In 2010, Matthew joined United Coatings and Earl Industries as a Quality Assurance trainee, and later became a Lead Quality Assurance Inspector at General Dynamics NASSCO.

Matthew Key-Baldwin joined MARCOM in 2016 as the Quality Assurance Manager. In 2023, he assumed the role of leading MARCOM’s developing New Construction Program, leveraging his extensive experience and industry knowledge to drive success in this new program.

David Johnson

Quality Assurance Manager

David Johnson currently serves as the Quality Assurance Manager at MARCOM, where he is responsible for managing the company’s Quality Assurance (QA) Department and leading the team of QA Inspectors.

David holds several prestigious industry certifications, including NACE CIP Level 3 Peer Review, PMP (Project Management Professional), Quality Control Supervisor (QCS), and Supervision in Ship Repair.

With 25 years of experience in the ship repair and preservation industries, David brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He began his career at BAE Systems, where he held positions as a technician, supervisor, and planner. Over time, David transitioned into the QA Department, serving as an inspector, supervisor, and ultimately becoming the QA Manager for one of the largest private shipyards in the country.

Joining MARCOM in 2023, David’s unrivaled reputation and professionalism in the industry make him a valuable asset to the organization. His strong leadership and commitment to maintaining high-quality standards play a crucial role in ensuring MARCOM’s continued success.

John Paul Adams

Lead Estimator

Mr. John Paul Adams has been a part of the corrosion control community in Norfolk, Virginia for more than thirty years. Beginning his career in the shipyard industry in 1986 at Phillyship of Norfolk, he cultivated his knowledge and graduated quickly to his new home in the Estimating Department.

Mr. Adams joined United Coatings, a division of Earl Industries, in 1993 as an Estimator, and was promoted to Estimating Manager in 2001. At that point, he was distinguished in his responsibilities, and was overseeing all preservation related work for Earl Industries, Inc. and United Coatings. In the period between 2010 and 2017, Mr. Adams joined another marine preservation company as Contracts Manager and Estimator. MARCOM Services had a need in October 2017 for an Estimator, which Mr. Adams happily accepted, reunited with many of the professionals he had once worked with at United Coatings.

Mr. Adams has extensive experience with marine related preservation on all vessels, from service craft to aircraft carriers, and in all forms of preservation and coating types. He is known as a consummate professional throughout the Norfolk, Virginia waterfront.

Ryan Weatherby

Director of Programs

Ryan Weatherby serves as the Director of Programs at MARCOM, holding the responsibility for all Project and Program Management. In his role, Ryan leads a dedicated team of Project Managers, ensuring seamless coordination and execution of projects.

An alumnus of Auburn University, Ryan studied Political Science and pre-law, providing a unique perspective to his leadership role. With a 13-year career in the ship repair and preservation industry, Ryan has developed his skills and expertise across various capacities at both large shipyards and small businesses. Ryan is a NACE certified coatings inspector and has also worked in project management, business development, cost estimating, and project engineering.

Ryan joined the MARCOM team in 2022 and was quickly recognized and promoted for his expertise in customer service and project integration.