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Employee of the Quarter, June 2023

We are delighted to announce Stefani Rubio as the Employee of the Quarter. Stefani has been an invaluable member of our team for the past 7 years, making significant contributions across various departments, including in the shipyard, the QA Department, accounting, and various office management responsibilities.

Stefani’s dedication and hard work are truly exceptional. She goes above and beyond her assigned responsibilities, willingly taking on miscellaneous problems and challenges that others may shy away from. Stefani’s willingness to step up and address these issues demonstrates her commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of our organization.

MARCOM is incredibly fortunate to have someone like Stefani as part of our team. Her unwavering dedication has greatly contributed to our success. We thank Stefani for her exceptional work ethic and commitment to MARCOM.

Congratulations, Stefani! Your contributions are highly valued, and we are truly grateful to have you on the MARCOM team.

Employee of the Quarter, May 2023

We are delighted to recognize Norman Barnes as our Employee of the Quarter. Norman has demonstrated unwavering dedication in his role as a MARCOM Supervisor. Every day, Norman comes to work with a positive attitude. His determination and extensive knowledge of our craft have led us to entrust him with the most challenging tasks, and Norman has consistently proven himself reliable and capable. Norman’s commitment to MARCOM’s success on the deck plates is truly commendable.Congratulations, Norman! Your contributions are truly valued, and we are grateful to have you as an integral part of our team.

Employee of the Third Quarter

MARCOM is excited to recognize Thomas Hodges for the second quarter of 2022. “Hodgie” has been with MARCOM since the beginning and is truly a “jack of all trades.” While specializing in equipment maintenance, Hodgie has also supported MARCOM as a mechanic, supervisor, and warehouse manager. He recently helped ensure the success of MARCOM’s first West Coast project on the USS MCCAIN. On a day-to-day basis, Hodgie is vital to keeping all the project at MARCOM running on schedule. Hodgie has spent his entire career in the marine preservation industry, and we are truly grateful that he is on our team. Thank you Thomas!

Employee of the Quarter, August 2022

MARCOM is pleased to recognize Rick Trehern for the second quarter of 2022. Rick is one of
the longest tenured employees at MARCOM, having joined the team within the first year of
MARCOM’s founding. Rick is an expert in our industry and has been one of our primary “go-to”
leaders on critical projects over the past 10 years. He is a problem-solver, a mentor, and
extremely dedicated. Rick is an irreplaceable part of our team. Thank you Rick!

Employee of the Quarter, May 2022

MARCOM is pleased to recognize Zachery Limpert for the month of April 2022. Zachery’s efforts
and attention to detail exemplify the quality of work we provide at MARCOM. His flexibility
through changes, leadership, and ability to maintain a positive attitude has kept his crew
motivated through any challenges. Thank you, Zachery, for your dedication!

Employee Recognition for December 2021

MARCOM is pleased to recognize Juan Velez Betancourt for the Month of December 2021. Juan is well known on the waterfront as one of the premiere craftworkers in our industry. His name is synonymous with quality work, specifically in spray painting and capastic application. Juan is also perpetually acting in a mentor capacity, teaching younger workers the finer points of his trades. Whenever we have a critical application, Juan is our “go-to” person to get the job done. MARCOM feels lucky and proud to have Juan on our team. Thank you Juan!

Employee Recognition for November 2021

MARCOM is pleased to recognize Altonio Brown for the Month of November 2021. “Tony” is a great asset for MARCOM. He has an excellent work ethic and exhibits considerable pride in his work every day. Tony leads by example and is a very strong communicator, which help contribute to his success as a deckplate supervisor. Tony is well liked and respected by our customer and his colleagues alike. Thank you Tony for going above and beyond!

Employee Recognition for October 2021

MARCOM is pleased to recognize employee Ricardo Sepulveda-Cruz for the Month of October 2021. Ricardo has been a major asset to MARCOM for many years. He spends a lot of time mentoring and teaching his workforce and he is extremely motivated. Ricardo is one of our “go to guys” if something needs to get done: with little oversight he will accomplish any task given to him. He keeps his workers motivated and his positive attitude and great work ethic influence the people around him. Thank you Ricardo!

Employee Recognition for September 2021

MARCOM is pleased to recognize employee Percy Ghee for his excellent attitude, work ethic and generally exceeding expectations in his role as a Safety Inspector. Percy shows up to work everyday ready to meet any challenge, including covering multiple projects, leading on-site safety training, and helping to train new safety technicians, all while welcoming a new baby into his personal life. Thank you Percy!