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Month: June 2023

Employee of the Quarter, June 2023

We are delighted to announce Stefani Rubio as the Employee of the Quarter. Stefani has been an invaluable member of our team for the past 7 years, making significant contributions across various departments, including in the shipyard, the QA Department, accounting, and various office management responsibilities.

Stefani’s dedication and hard work are truly exceptional. She goes above and beyond her assigned responsibilities, willingly taking on miscellaneous problems and challenges that others may shy away from. Stefani’s willingness to step up and address these issues demonstrates her commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of our organization.

MARCOM is incredibly fortunate to have someone like Stefani as part of our team. Her unwavering dedication has greatly contributed to our success. We thank Stefani for her exceptional work ethic and commitment to MARCOM.

Congratulations, Stefani! Your contributions are highly valued, and we are truly grateful to have you on the MARCOM team.